Friday, October 21, 2011

El jardin del Califa

Este v Madride som videla zaujimavy document v telke o meste Vejer de la Frontera. Spominali tam jeden hotel-restauraciu El Jardin del Califa. Ked som tam teraz s Marinou bola, strasne som sa tesila ze to tam omrknem:-))
Sklamana som vobec nebola, prave naopak! Uzasne miesto!
Asi takto by malo vyzerat miesto kde vas priatel prekvapi a poziada o ruku:-))

 Back in Madrid I saw an interesting document about Vejer de la Frontera. There were talking about this extraordinary hotel-restaurant called "El Jardin del Califa". So during me visiting Vejer I felt all exited about to go there and see it in person.
It completely met my expectations! Such an amazing place!
It is exactly that place where you want to be surprised by your boyfriend and be asked to marry him:-)))))

Mali tam aj nadhernu terasu s vyhladom na cele mesto kde sme si vychutnavali marocky cajik.

Me and Marina went to their lovely terrace and enjoyed the moroccan tea.


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