Saturday, August 22, 2015

Black and white holidays

Back in July we spent our firs beach holidays all 4 together. We went to Spain to our beloved Tarifa. We could have decided to go anywhere else but there is something about this place that draws us in. We totally hate crowded places full of tourists. A comfortable resorts with all inclusive might sounds attractive to someone and to be one hundred percent honest I did think about it for a while. Well, the idea of doing nothing, no cooking, no cleaning, pool activities for kids and time to talk to my husband for a while got me to think about it! I admit. But! Knowing ourselves as we are it wouldn't take more than two day to get fed up of it and get annoyed by the people.
Doing it our way is not easy either. Every day of our holidays is different, we travel, move from one place to another, looking for a perfect quite spot. And believe me with two little kids and during the high summer season you need a lot of mental and physical strength to manage all that!
You wake up early, prepare all the necessary stuff(towels, dippers, extra cloths, food, water,toys, hats, all my cameras and films,etc..)eat, get into the car, put the gps, get lost, find the perfect place to park, realize that you forgot the baby carrier for Diana, wait until Edko wakes up from his little car siesta, walk for half an hour through a little forest, repeat every single minute to your older one (and yourself!)that we are almost there are really THERE!! And there is that moment you realize why you are actually doing all these...
We felt so free and happy and all that really mattered was us and our love!